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New Zealand alternative flag   New Zealand alternative flag at Waitakere
    The flag flying at Waitakere City
te Haki / the Flag - A proposal for a new national flag.    
This design honours the respective cultures of the Maori and the British, the signatories to the Treaty of Waitangi, the founding document of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

The design has a formal, timeless quality and acknowledges our roots and where we have come from. The diagonal features with the red, white and blue reference the Union Jack. Although we have moved on from colonial status and forged an independent place and voice in the Pacific region and the world, modern New Zealand embraces the basic fundamentals of the Westminster parliamentary system with its independent judiciary, English language and institutions, customs and culture – a culture based on justice, democracy and personal freedom. This acknowledgement in the flag is important, as is that for Maori as Tangata Whenua, the first settlers in Aotearoa.



  The koru, or miha, represents Maori and this vibrant new nation – the last habitable place on earth to be settled by humans. The dominant blue ground represents the sea that our great navigating peoples crossed and emphasizes our island status, near the centre of the Water Hemisphere

The koru is increasingly being adopted as our emblem – as in the livery of Air New Zealand, uniforms of sports teams and TV presenters, fabric design and fashion and in much government department and private enterprise branding.

The koru derives from the growing fern frond, symbolizing new growth. With these embedded meanings this flag could become the focus the two founding cultures can proudly identify with – something that all new Zealanders can embrace and unite behind. It signals a pathway into our future yet tells a shared story of our history.



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